Qpal Q&A

Name? Craig Buchan

Job Title? Founder & CEO

Fun Fact? A flea can jump up to 200 times its own height. That is the equivalent of a human jumping the Empire State Building.

1.What song best describes you in the workplace?   

Hot Natured – Reverse Skydiving

2.What was your earliest live event experience?

At the tender age of 9 in 2000, Aberdeen vs Rangers in the Scottish Cup Final. My first feeling of heartbreak as we lost 4-0!

3.Who was your idol growing up?

I was sport mad growing up, and still am, so David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane and Tiger Woods at the peak of their powers.

4.Talk to me about your music taste? Are you a Techno Viking, Real OG, Indie Cindy or a 90’s pop icon?

I’ve got a real broad range of playlists on my Spotify! Techno Viking is probably the best description over the last few years given my gravitation towards Berlin, Ibiza and Kappa festival. I’m not a genre snob with the exception of heavy metal, that’s painful on the ears. Always got time for 80’s/90’s classics!

5.What is your guilty pleasure?

Lamb – growing up on a farm and then feeding the new-borns every Spring at our cousins, you appreciate how cute they are. But when Sunday Roast comes calling….. sorry little lamb!

6.What is your favourite live event moment?

Aberdeen winning the League Cup on penalties or seeing Oasis live before they split.

7.What is your funniest live event experience?

Parklife ’14 and a mud bath 2nd day – I stupidly wore espadrilles on my feet… one got sucked into a mud wormhole, leaving me to party the rest of the day with one shoe.. who knows what all I stood on!

8.What is your ultimate live event hit list?

So many spring to mind! Some of my stand out festival sets; Chemical Brothers @ TITP ‘08, Chase&Status @ Hideout ’11, Disclosure and MK @ Parklife ’14, Joseph Capriati and Sven Vath @ Kappa ‘17

9.Where can we find you at the weekend in Dubai?

Still being the relative newbie to the city, I’m still exploring and trying new places out so I haven’t planted my flag in the sand quite yet! But, El Chiringuito and Blue Marlin feed my techno fix, LSB has me covered for watching the football on a Saturday and I’m slowly making my way around a few of the brunches for food and gin overindulgence!

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