• What is Qpal?
    • Qpal is an innovative mobile payment solution delivering a cashless event experience.
  • Is Qpal Secure?
    • Of course, Qpal uses the latest biometric authentication to grant access to the app. Furthermore, our payment platform complies with strict global payment security standards.
  • Which phones supports Qpal?
    • Any smartphone that runs iOS and Android operating system.
  • Where can I use Qpal to pay?
    • At any event that Qpal is accepted, and any F&B point that is signposted for Qpal payments
  • Which credit cards and debit cards can be used at Qpal?
    • Any Mastercard and Visa bankcard that is allowed to perform online transactions
  • How do I pay using Qpal?
    • Once you’ve accessed the app; choose ‘top up’, enter your bankcard details with an option to store securely for future use, then choose ‘pay’ – a QR Code will appear which the merchant will counter scan. Once it’s successfully scanned, the payment is complete.
  • How do I receive a receipt after making a purchase?
    • You’ll receive a digital receipt after every successful purchase as a push notification, and the digital receipt will also appear in transaction history in ‘Account’
  • Do I need to be online always to make payments?
    • If you lost connectivity for any reason, don’t worry, you still can pay as QR works offline. However, you need to be online when you top up your wallet and to view your live balance
  • How can I add and remove my card?
    • Choose ‘Account’ on the homepage, then go to ‘manage payments’.
  • Can I refund any remaining amount?
    • That’s why Qpal is so great! Unlike tokens and RFID, we make it easy for you to get your money back. Any remaining credit can be refunded in matter of seconds. Choose ‘Account’ on the homepage, then go to ‘Refund’
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