Qpal Q&A

Name? Mo Aideed 

Job Title? Chief Operations Officer

Fun Fact? If you eat polar bear liver, you’ll probably die, humans can’t handle that much vitamin A


1.What song best describes you in the workplace?   

Surely not, Beethoven’s 9th

2.What was your earliest live event experience?

Justin Timberlake, Abu Dhabi 2007

3.Who was your idol growing up?

Me in 10 years. As Matthew McConaughey said “My hero is always 10 years away, just keeps me with somebody to keep on chasing”

4.Talk to me about your music taste? Are you a Techno Viking, Real OG, Indie Cindy or a 90’s pop icon?

I’m all over the place. I listen literally to anything good but specifically Jazz, Blues, R&B, Rap and Alternative Rock

5.What is your guilty pleasure?

This should be “What isn’t your guilty pleasure?”


6.What is your favourite live event moment?

Alicia Keys, 2013

7.What is your funniest live event experience?

Nothing I can remember, you can probably guess why 😐

8.What is your ultimate live event hit list?

Jay Z, Bruno Mars, The weekend, Beyoncé, Adele, Coldplay, NAS, John Legend, Stevie Wonder. The list goes on longer than 311

9.Where can we find you at the weekend in Dubai?

Most probably brunching!!

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