Our Story

We will do to the live events industry what Elvis did for Rock and Roll

A message from our CEO;

If patience is a virtue, does that make impatience a sin?

The feeling of impatience is magnified for hundreds of millions of live event attendees every year at our favourite shows when hit with long queues when trying to buy food, drink and merchandise. Imagine the $m’s in lost revenue for event operators every year due to inefficient solutions such as cash only bars, token systems and inexcusable waiting times at service points in arenas globally.

Being an avid live event attendee, I’ve experienced the pain points first hand, so in early 2016 I set out with a bold vision to revolutionise an industry I’m extremely passionate about. To make Qpal the leading global provider of mobile payment solutions and big data insights to the live event industry is the aim, and to achieve this we have a firm strategy lined out.

We are committed to launching our solution into the UAE market for a number of reasons; the smartphone penetration rate in the UAE is amongst the best in the world, there is a rapidly emerging appetite for FinTech solutions that help fight against cash transactions and the commercial partnership opportunities we’ve unearthed will allow us much quicker growth than back home in the UK, enabling us to transform the industry for the better, faster!

Through our mobile payment solution and real-time marketing technology we will significantly enhance event partners’ bottom line, we’ll provide a digital platform for brands and sponsors to engage with their audience and subsequently we’ll enhance the live event experience for all.

#WeAreQpal, built out of Scotland, scaling up from Dubai.

Craig Buchan, Founder & CEO 

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