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We will do to the live events industry what Elvis did for Rock and Roll

A message from our CEO; 

Kappa festival in Italy 2017, Parklife in Manchester 2014 and Hideout in Croatia 2011 – those 3 live event experiences stay etched in the memory for so many reasons. Aside from the top 3, I’ve graced many a sporting terrace, muddy festival field and euphoric gig arena to follow my sporting teams in action or see my favourite music artists tear up the stage.

I’ve experienced first-hand the excruciating pain of queuing to buy food and drink but resulting in missing the winning goal or seeing the support act warm-up the stage. We, as live event attendees have had to put up with the pains of attending shows for too long; cash only bars, token systems, inexcusable waiting times and unhappy customers – In early 2016 I decided to set about changing that for us all!

Qpal was launched to bring an entirely cashless and mobile payment experience to live events that reward loyal event attendees through our app.

I first came out to Dubai on a market development trip in November 2016, and on the trips that followed I’ve checked out the Dubai Rugby 7’s, a sold out Justin Bieber concert and a gig at Blue Marlin – I’ve seen first hand how the events operate out here, what works, and where there is room for significant improvement.

The live events industry has been stuck in its ways for a long time and us attendees have been negatively impacted. We are here to change that, we are here to revolutionise the live event experience, we are here to bring events into the mobile-driven 21st century – #WeAreQpal.

Craig Buchan, Founder & CEO 

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