Qpal Wallet Solutions (QWS)

Enabling clients for success is Qpal’s number one priority, QWS offers alternative payment solutions tailored to clients needs providing an enhanced cashless experience.

Closed Loop Wallet

The Closed Loop Wallet delivers mobile payments through a QR code, enabling consumers to manage their finances at a touch of a button. Qpal’s application uses a closed and secure environment to process payments through POS terminals. Data points are collected within this process and securely stored within Qpal’s cloud-based data vault. 

Qpal delivers:

– Seamless integration and deployment
– Frictionless consumer experience
– Easy and transparent access to funds

Open Loop Wallet

The Open Loop Wallet interacts directly with clients existing POS terminals whilst the Qpal mobile application allows consumers to experience ‘Tap & Go’ payments. This function is powered by leading scheme wallet systems that ensure safe and secure transactions. Data points are collected within this process and stored securely within Qpal’s cloud-based data vault 

Qpal delivers:

– Seamless connection with EFTPOS
– Frictionless consumer experience
– Easy and transparent access to funds

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SDK allows clients to keep their existing branded mobile application while integrating with Qpals cashless payment experience. The technology replicates that of Closed and Open Loop Wallets, delivering a secure payment environment.

Qpal delivers:

– Enhanced functionality of current application
– Seamless integration with pre-existing mobile applications
– End-to-end management of payments ecosystem

Application Programming Interface (API)

Qpal API’s allow clients to customise their mobile application to suit their situation, ensuring the most relevant payments functionality designed for their consumers. The API’s feed essential data in and out of the system, discovering decision making data points to streamline and automate processes.

Qpal delivers:

– Flexibility to system architecture
– Plug and play integration
– Secure flow of sensitive data with automated reporting

White Label Solution

Qpal’s white label solution equips clients with a ready-made and a fully branded application that provides cashless payments. The client will have full control of the mobile app, allowing them to update and personalise content to enhance user experiences. The solution is tailored to the clients needs ensuring the look and feel are specific to the brand image.

Qpal delivers:

– Specific branded payments solution in chosen look and feel
– Full autonomy over product functionality and marketing activities
– Cost-effective app that provides customers with value-added services 

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