Qpal AI

The Qpal AI engine delivers deeply insightful reporting and predictive analytics when combining financial data, product intelligence and consumer profiles.

Qpal’s AI platform links Open Banking and Telco data streams together creating deeper customer profiling, smarter decision-making, and the capability to deliver next-level engagement, hyper-personalisation, and longer-term retention.

Linking real-time transaction data with our proprietary algorithms brings unique customer insight and the ability to understand psychographic behaviours like never before.

The preceding output of highly relevant contextual marketing brings stronger brand loyalty and reduces the level of customer churn faced to competitors.

We believe everyone deserves the best possible digital experience, and if Telcos can deliver it, they stand to benefit from longer and more profitable customer lifetime value.

Our AI and Data Science models are the secret sauce in the algorithmic recipe towards greater CLV, which allows Telcos to focus on what they’re great at… better-connecting customers wherever they are in the world.