Combining m-payments with m-POS technology to drive mobile payment acceptance for banks and merchants.

Open Loop Wallet:

Interacting directly with pre-existing POS systems, Qpal’s technology allows consumers to continue experiencing ‘Tap & Go’ payments. This function is powered by leading payment scheme system architecture that ensures safe and secure transactions. Data points are collected within this process and stored securely within Qpal’s cloud-based data vault.
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Closed Loop Wallet:

Delivering mobile payments through a QR code and Qpal’s proprietary m-POS software allows for both online and offline transactions. Qpal’s closed loop wallet uses a closed and secure environment to process payments through Android-based POS terminals. Data points are collected within this process and securely stored within Qpal’s cloud-based data vault.

Qpal m-POS:

Qpal’s m-POS software empowers merchants to seamlessly commence digital commerce without the cost, admin or friction of obtaining acquiring bank terminals. Featured functionality includes web portal administration, real-time analytics reporting, custom dashboards, and automated back office tools.


The Qpal wallet SDK allows banks and merchants to integrate Qpal’s technology into their own mobile application for a fully immersed customer payment journey. The SDK directly replicates the functionality of both open and closed loop wallets, delivering a safe and secure payment environment.


Qpal API’s feed and extract essential data in and out of backend systems. This flow of data can be converted into insight that helps automate processes and enforce smarter operational decision-making.

White Label:

Qpal’s white-label solution provides banks or merchants with a ready-made and fully branded mobile application that includes Qpal’s full payment technology. The solution is tailored to the brand guidelines of the client and can be connected to their backend systems through API’s.

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