Real-time AdTech and AI powered by seamless mobile payments

Revolutionising the payment landscape

Qpal Wallet Solutions (QWS) deliver a cashless payments experience, while our data insights and AdTech solutions unlock a treasure trove of intelligence and real-time marketing opportunities.

Our AI platform maximises revenues, brings clients closer to the action and develops customer relationships.

Qpal Wallet Solutions (QWS) 

'the most secure all-in-one payment system for the cashless environment'

Which product suits your business? 

Closed Loop Wallet

A safe and secure payment environment that connects with multiple banking partners

Open Loop Wallet

A safe and secure payment environment that connects directly with scheme rails


Integrating Qpal payment technology into your functional mobile app


Integrating Qpal payment technology with your mobile app and backend systems


All the Qpal payment functionality representing your brand and your application

Delivering a powerful platform of data science and marketing technology

Taking the cashless experience into the next generation


A real-time engagement platform that brings clients closer to their customers. Qpal offers:

  • Personalised experiences for customers
  • To track and reward loyal customers
  • Real-time, in-app communication channel to customers


A data driven intelligence platform providing real time insights and predictive analysis. Qpal offers: 

  • An understanding of customer purchasing behaviour
  • Increased earning potential with predictive performance analysis 
  • Simplified decision making process 

Visa Partnership

Visa, one of the world’s leaders in digital payments, selected Qpal as the winner of their Middle East Everywhere Initiative, a global programme designed to encourage the development of innovative payment partnerships in the start-up community.

Since October 2017, Qpal and Visa have worked on a number of projects aimed at tackling the cash economy in the Middle East and African regions.

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