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Qpal has the vision of revolutionising the live event experience with powerful data insights

Our Story

Founded in January 2016 by Craig Buchan, Qpal is on course to revolutionise the events industry.

With a passion for live events, and frustration with the current solutions within the industry, Qpal's mobile payment solution has a firm focus on slicker payments and granular level consumer insights. By enabling smarter transactions, Qpal will deliver a treasure trove of event intelligence, drive consumer engagement at events and importantly enhance revenues and customer experience for key event stakeholders .


Founding Team

Craig Buchan

Founder & CEO


Technology Partner

Our Offering

We have the vision of becoming the leading global provider of cashless event solutions and bespoke data insights. 

Event Intelligence

We give you the ability to track, measure and analyse the performance of your events.

Interactive dashboards, actionable consumer insights and event benchmarking will deliver granular intelligence on the who, what, where, when and whys.

Cashless Events

Qpal's mobile payment solution removes the need for inefficient cash, token and RFID systems at your events. We will maximise your revenues by reducing service time and increasing expenditure per head.

Brand Engagement

We will help grow your brand and drive growth by delivering actionable consumer insights to assist with strategic and operational decision making. If your brand is important to you, it is important to Qpal. We go far deeper than sales analytics. 

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Are you an event organiser?

By choosing Qpal, you can:

  • Reduce service times at F&B and merchandise
  • Maximise revenues
  • Streamline event operations
  • Get access to invaluable data about your customers behaviours
  • And ultimately enhance event experiences for attendees