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Ryan Hervey 06/06/2017 12:12:43


As the age-old saying goes, home is where the heart is. And for us Scots, home also happens to be where a huge number of exciting start-ups are operating and growing from. 

Decline of certain industries, an ageing population and the continuing uncertainty of the political landscape would perhaps stifle creative ventures and inward investment in some countries… but not in Scotland! With the support of initiatives such as Elevator, Informatics Ventures, Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Edge, exciting entrepreneurial ventures have been given the space, funding and opportunities to realise their ambitions both at home and further afield. 

Qpal was founded and spent the first 6 months growing in Aberdeen, the Granite City becoming a hot bed for companies looking to shake up their respective industries thanks to support from Elevator and Opportunity North East – recent success stories include Greyhope Bay, Dry Ice Scotland and Porters Gin. 

So here at Qpal, we believe in broadcasting and recognising Scottish business talent who are successfully growing in the ecosystem close to home and with international aspirations. This mini-series will introduce a Scottish start-up for the next 4 weeks – covering their story so far, the innovative product/service they’ve conjured up and a Q&A with the respective head honcho.  

We’ll shed more light on the Scottish start-up ecosystem, aim to inspire some of the next generation and maybe bring you some exclusives along the way! 

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